Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm getting super excited about the Expo. All the speakers are checking in and the manufacturers are starting to ship their gear.  Today, Bob Ludwig informed me that Susan Rogers will be joining him at the podium for his Loudness chat. We all know about Bob but Susan has a very cool resume. She's currently teaching over at Berklee. Susan did her graduate work at McGill in music perception and cognition and she's contributed greatly to the loudness panel at AES. I'm not doing her justice in this little blog but she's also done some recording. Prince, Barenaked Ladies to name a few. Anyway, more on this development  because today is Friday and before I go home I need to get some actual work done.

Rob just got back from Ashville NC. He attended a special seminar for d&b audiotechnik users. Have you seen the Biltmore estate?  Be sure to catch Jason Waggoners Line Array Seminar at the Expo. d&b will also be providing some of the PA gear for the ballroom.

Have a great weekend!


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