Saturday, December 4, 2010

See you Tuesday for the Expo!

We're excited! The Expo is Tuesday and we're ready. All the guests that didn't make hotel reservations just realized that most places are sold out. Is it the Parsons Expo or Monday night football? Patriots v Jets. Since  our event is 10 or so miles from Foxborough MA then you can imagine the issues. There are plenty of hotel rooms in Needham, Newton and up Route 95 so please keep trying. Monday night we'll be doing some Airport runs, and getting the gear over to the Holiday Inn. Join us at Legacy place where we'll be enjoying the game, food and beer at the Yard House. They have the worlds largest selection of Beer.

On to the Expo! Please show up and check out some of the sessions and exhibits. The speakers have worked hard at preparing some great lectures. Jason Waggoners 11 AM Line Array talk and iZotope lead the way for the day. There are free giveaways-Adam Speakers, Heil Microphones, and other cool things. The auction is finishing so if you haven't bid on something, its time.

See you Tuesday!

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