Monday, October 31, 2011

Parsons Expo Insider

Rogers Expo Insider:

I thought I’d write up a little preview of the coming attractions at Parsons Expo 2011. This year, once again, we have an unprecedented group of speakers, panelists and exhibitors. I’m sure you’ll agree once you check it all out. This is my view of what’s going on during the day.

No day starts off without coffee and this Thursdays no different. The Lincoln Street Coffee truck will be here again serving up fine brew and smoothies. If you’re an insider because you’ve read this, introduce yourself to a Parsons staff member and get a free drink chip. 

Give-aways: We have some cool stuff to give away so be sure you drop your business card in the bowl out front.

Undercover…Tom Stephensen, Roland. Design a digital console….check. Sell more than any other mixer on the planet…….check.  When you see Tom hanging out at the Expo, pull him over and talk about the Roland Digital Consoles with him. He is a true rock star in the world of digital gear and you need to swing by the Henderson booth to chat with him. Tom has also done his share of recording having worked with Phil Collins, The Grateful Dead, Cyndi Lauper and others. Tom will also have coffee chips with him so be sure to ask him for one.

11AM in the Patio: Dr Ian Corbett kicks off the morning with his talk on Audio Artifacts. Ian has given this talk  at AES last year and shall we say raised a few hairs. He will demonstrate MP3 artifacts and discuss various encoders and lossy compression formats.  This is a good appetizer before Bob Ludwigs talk at 12:15.

11AM in the Terrace: Paul Stewart-Genelec. Paul will go over calibrating your monitor system. This demonstration really showed us the power of DSP and calibrating techniques for loudspeakers and got a “wow”! from our staff last week

Avid. Clearly you have questions about Protools 10 and the new HDX system. Here’s your chance to “hold them down” and get your questions answered. There’s no question there will be a lot of questions! If you have Protools or use it, you need to spend some time in the Midland Room on Thursday.

At 12:15 Bob Ludwig starts up the Ballroom. Bob travels down from Maine every year to talk about something he’s been thinking about and this years no different…well, yes it is. He’s coming to talk about what you are thinking about. In addition, he’s got some things he wants to “air out”. This session will be jammed so get there early.

Bill Ostry will again be joining us for the New England debut of Shure’s new Axient wireless system. If you use wireless, this is the place you want to be at 12:15.

Also at 12:15 is Bennett Prescott. Bennett will be giving his talk from AES about differences in DSP platforms. If you are interested in loudspeaker design using DSP then this is the place for you. This is the warmup for Dave Gunness and Rich Frembes session at 2:45 in the Terrace Room concerning TEQ.

1:30PM: Frank Filipetti goes over an entire session from soup to nuts on Protools. You will find Frank to be extremely candid and interesting in discussing some of his latest recording techniques. Frank won’t remember me from his famous F1 to Mitsubishi Apogee listening session at the Hit Factory but that’s another story.  Frank also enjoys a cigar now and then so bring your Cubans!

The Terrace room hosts Greg Price at 1:30. Greg is an all world FOH engineer (Ozzy, Aerosmith, Foo Fighters) and now works for Waves. Come by and hear what Greg has to say about current trends and workflows. Live sound guys want to be here at 1:30.

In the Ballroom: Plug Ins panel with Bob Ludwig, Frank Filipetti, Robert Scovill, Bruce MacPherson and Greg Price moderated by yours truly. Join us for a discussion on latest plug in chatter in all audio domains. Greg and Bruce from a manufacturer perspective and Bob Frank and Robert from a user perspective.  If you use plug in’s then you need to be here at 2:45.

Patio at 2:45. Fran Manzella joins us again to show off his latest studio design 25th St Studios. You will recognize this from last months cover of Mix magazine. Frank will have pictures and talk about the project from its conception to completion,  Stunning room!

Terrace Room at 2:45: Dave Gunness and Rich Frembes talk about Temporal EQ.

At 4 oclock Robert Scovill talks about his experiences on the road with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. There’s a number of critical decisions an FOH engineer makes before going out with a large tour and you’ll hear what those are and how Robert made the decisions he made. Robert will surely also talk about his experiences with digital consoles and how they have affected the way the industry works. Another must take for live sound guys or musicians.

Barry Marshall heads up the Terrace room at 4PM. Barry has been preparing this presentation for the better part of 2011 just for the Expo. Join him for an in depth look at the Beach Boys’ Smile album sessions. When I say “in depth” I mean it. You will see video and hear tracks of this landmark release. This is the place for the recording guys.

David Missall: Digital Microphones? How the heck does that work? Michael will be here to explain. Very cool.

Rupert Neve with Dave Moulton via Skpe. This will be a great session and since Dave and Rupert have cleverly planned this out, I’m not saying anything. This will be provocative and interesting and everyone knows it so just be there. Rupert will be in Wimberly and Dave will be in the ballroom. There will be time for Q&A as well so start thinking of your questions now.

At 6:15- back by popular demand will be Professor Michael Bierylo’s  Educators Summit. Surprised by last years standing room only session, we’ve brought it back again. This year we have guests from all over the country to join us. I imagine next year people will be coming from all parts of the world for this one.

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