Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NAMM etc.

Rick, Marko and I headed out to NAMM last month and had an awesome time checking out new gear and listening to PA gear from our vendors. One thing I love about NAMM is all the bands that play on the various stages setup in the different venues. GOOD STUFF. I heard some killer systems from QSC, JBL, NEXO and Community. There's some very impressive technology out there and if you have some special requirements, please call and talk with us about them.

I spent some time chatting with Bob Clearmountain at the Apogee booth. I worked with Bob many years ago on a Crowded House record as well some Bruce Springsteen albums and it was great to see him. As you know, Apogee has a new line of converters and you should check them out. We'll be having an Apogee event later in March so keep checking back to the website for more info on this event.

Some of the other impressive gear we checked out had to be some of the compact Soundcraft-Harman consoles. Studer technology has trickled down and the lower priced consoles sure have a lot of value. We expect these to hit the market in the next few months.

Shure Axient: This system could potentially be a game changer for wireless microphone receivers. Check in here to see this exciting new technology that will be coming in 2011.

Just a shout out to Chris Stabach. Chris, after 4 years at Parsons, has left us for greener pastures and is now working for an audio distributor. We look forward to seeing Chris around showing off his wares and wish him the best.


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