Friday, March 4, 2011

Whats Going On at Parsons

It's time to blog about whats going on at Parsons in the dead of Winter. I have been super remiss on writing for the past month and frankly thats just lame, no excuse. We've decided that everyone's going to take a swing (isn't spring training right around the corner) at writing about something they think is cool (or not).

Rick Swensen from AudioPros stopped by a couple weeks ago and dropped off the Midas F Venice console (and the F stands for Firewire ha!). You have to check this thing out. It's got firewire inserts on every channel! Rob walked out there with his laptop and plugged it in and low and behold it worked right out of the box. This console is manufactured in the UK and retains the Midas "sound" at a very reasonable price. Check out this picture of it and swing by to twist the knobs. We've got audio running through it and you can do a mix while you're here. You can check out all the specs here.

There are other things cooking as well. Protools 9 has been a hot seller this past month but what you really need to know is that there are some super specials with SC48, Mixrack and Profile desks. Trade in one of your old crappy junker consoles that are not exactly increasing in value and get some cash off on a new digital console. Call Les or Rick for the details on this deal. We have a Bobcat outback to drive over it and promise to post the destruction here on the blog.

Super cool news: We're opening up a little Certified-Preowned page on the website. You will find top notch, quality gear thats in house ready for you to buy. This gear will have been thoroughly tested similar to your Lexus with our 131 point inspection. (just kidding on the 131 point inspection). Guaranteed for at least 100,000 miles or at least 30 days. We'll spell out the real terms on the new webpage but check back soon for this.

Jeff Nelson from Dolby was in yesterday to show us the new Dolby DP568 Reference Decoder. Our broadcasters will love this new box for having all the latest and greatest features. 

Whats going on with Yamaha you ask? Martin Dombey came by and trained the staff on the M7. As we all know, this is a popular console for the live sound cats that like 48 faders all in front of them. It does some rockin' things for the price and if you need a demo of this please call. Did I mention its a bargain at its price.

A couple more weeks and Cat Reuthe will be joining our staff here at Parsons. Cat just got back from the  Grammys and we're excited to have someone with her chops joining us. Cat will be joining Theresa on the sales support team.

Okay, enough for me for now.


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