Monday, March 12, 2012

Right On, it's Spring!

Spring is finally sprung here in the Northeast. Parsons has some cool things in house for you to come in and check out or drag back to your studio to evaluate. As you may know, Parsons is the only place in the area where you can actually take home a piece of gear to try out in your environment. Everyone knows thats the best way to check something out.

Wow, I almost forgot about ProTools User Group. Rich Spillberg will be joining us and I guarantee this will be great. Rich is fresh off the road with Josh Groban. For those of you that don't know Rich, you can go to his website

Rich Spillberg is the eclectic blend of a broad sum of experiences. As a musician, recording producer/engineer, filmmaker, educator, and philanthropist, he is continuing a path that dates back to his earliest days, growing up in a musical family wherein music was the main inspiration of every day life.
At the age of nine, Rich was introduced to the guitar. It soon became the great describer; a way to express himself at a higher level – a tool of communication. Within a few years Rich formed his first band and through this experience the fine art of collaboration – the basis of all of Rich’s future production work – was born. Continuing to learn from the styles of Ace Frehley, Michael Schenker, Eddie Van Halen, and many other musicians of the day, Rich honed his guitar playing to a high level and soon formed the band with whom he would sign his first recording contract. Over the next ten years, Rich’s band – Wargasm – recorded several award winning albums, which garnished critical acclaim, and broad radio airplay. That attention pulled in a large fan base that fuelled worldwide touring.
Rich’s path then took some turns, leading him simultaneously to audio engineering, computer programming, and multimedia productions. Within a few short years, Rich built up a solid client base as a producer, engineer and filmmaker. At around the same time, Rich co-founded Africa Reads, a 501c3 organization with a focus on spreading literacy in Africa.
The audio engineering work soon began to attract larger scale artists such as Due Voci, Lady Antebellum, Renee Olstead, and Josh Groban, and brought Rich back on the road supplying his expertise to the artist’s live performances. On the Josh Groban “Straight To You” tour, Rich also played guitar and mandolin in the show, allowing him to maximizing his talents.

RFVenue- okay, we were really skeptical about these funky looking wireless antennas. This is a local company making some excellent antennas for your wireless system. So good in fact that if you don't notice an improvement in your overall wireless reception, we'll just take them back. Really, fantastic gear  at reasonable prices that will all by it self improve your wireless reception. Come over and borrow an antenna and see for yourself.

We've got some cool rental gear including a vintage Neve 1073 and some new Rupert Neve Design mic pre's and compressors. Give us a call to check our current inventory if you have a project coming up.

QSC- we have some QSC stock in our rental department for your coming gig. You must pre-book this gear as it goes in and out frequently and we want to be sure we have it for your gig.

Prism-Killer Orpheus Firewire units in house. Come and borrow one to check out or check it out here. I can't express to you how awesome these units sound. You will not find a unit with these features that sounds better.

d&b audiotechnik- we love this gear. Call us for information on anything d&b related

Installs-Rob Pemberton has been busy doing installs for several studios, schools and Houses of Worship. If you need something that just needs fixing or an entire rig, call and speak to Rob or Roger

Pricing- if you read this entire blog you will find out (or already know) that if you pick up the phone and call us you will get a better price than anyone on a piece of gear. Parsons is a service based company,we'll compete with anyone on price but you have to call.

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