Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We've had some interesting reps come in over the last week. Phil from Radial was in. Although he's from Vancover he's still a nice guy ;-). Perhaps another Vancover-Bruins final this year?.... Radial is our go-to box. Why? Ask Clair Bros. or Bruce Springsteen. Radial makes outstanding direct boxes and other do-dads. You can get a budget box from Radial or you can get a nice JDI with a Jensen transformer. Passive or Active flavors, one channel or up to eight in a nice rack mount box. Tip for the day-call Parsons and get a price on a Radial. We have the best prices but you have to call.

We had the guys from Midas in last week to show us the new Pro2C. Yikes! This is a rockin' desk. Everything you need in a live sound rig and more. We were particularly impressed with the portability, sound quality and ergonomics of this desk. Call for a price or a demo. If you are looking at a live sound desk in the +20K category, you need to look at this.

Rick Scott was out in California a few weeks ago getting a first view of the new Yamaha CL series consoles. We really look forward to these hitting the market this summer. As everyone knows, Yamaha is the leading console manufacturer on the planet. Stay tuned for way more information on these new products.

Don't forget: Parsons is one of the only authorized Shure Axient dealers in New England. Call Rob Pemberton on more info on this product.

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